Clapsodra is a melodic death metal band based in Israel. Originally formed back in 1991 by Avi Zadkani, Clapsodra’s debut album ‘Brain Insanity’ was released in 1994. Clapsodra performed all over Israel and was a local success. In 1995 the band members were conscripted to the army and the band dissolved.

The band’s title, Clapsodra, was taken from Martin Gray’s first book, For Those I Loved (Au nom de tous les miens). In his book he described the Jewish people at the Treblinka extermination camp, who were marked as doomed for execution with bruises all over their faces. He described these people as Clapsodra.

A few years ago, band leader Avi Zadkani, fueled by nostalgia and passion, decided to resurrect the band with new and fresh members, Leon Vasserman, Konstantin Spivakov, Atalya Emily Shourki and Uri Jeffrey. In 2018 the band released the album ‘Endless Agony’, which falls into the doom/death metal genre with a heavy lean towards the “doom side”, adding female vocals and melodies.

The band immediately started to work on their next and yet unreleased record, ‘Of Terror And Soul’, which this time around focuses on higher tempos, more melodies and experimentation with complex musical parts. The album itself produced and recorded at Avi Zadkani’s own music studio and mastered by Zohar Hanuka. Artwork for the new album was made by “Seth” from ‘Septic Flesh’. The upcoming album takes the band to the next level alongside international and the most professional bands at the worldwide metal scene.

In 2021-2023, Clapsodra performed numerous times all over Israel and opened for Orphaned Land, Kreator and Moonspell, and the band is looking for a record deal these days, armed with their new album, artwork, 3 video clips and a huge motivation to tour, work and promote the band.

Welcome to our world Of Terror And Soul!

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