Itay Niv Milenbach

Bass Guitar

Date of birth: 04.03.1985



Itay is a musician, bass player and singer.

From early age, he’s been exposed to classic music and even took piano lessons at the age of ten.
Few years later, the love for the low octave burned within and after one year of trying to play classic guitar independently, he switched to bass guitar almost instantly, Grooving and attacking those thick strings with furious hands!


Music trend for 6 years and graduated with excellence during school.

Played in various bands from 2004-2012 (those including Kvisa Meluchlechet as rock act and ‘Sekhmet’, ‘Morbidgrit’, ‘Throne’ (ex-Blank Divinity), ‘Mind Corruption’ as metal acts and many more.

Also the frontman of the death metal band ‘Psynthesis’, which is active from 2016 until today

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