Endless Agony

24 years after the first album release and more than 3 years of hard work and a small test tour, Clapsodra’s new album, Endless Agony, was released at mid 2018.


As originally planned, Endless Agony has 7 new songs and 3 remakes, all in a new killing production.


The new songs deals with the philosophical struggle of mankind against the non-attending existence of god, starting with the deportation from heaven followed by the biblical flood, with the endless pointless battle of the soul, heaven or hell, life itself as a living hell on earth, mostly as a result of the resembles between god and man: violent, intimidating and destructive, in spite of his ability and desire to be kind, humane and practice healing.


All of the new 7 songs lyrics were written by Lior Siman Tov, who is also the band manager.


Nissan Kuker back in the days wrote the lyrics to the 3 remakes:
The Final Solution, Justified Revolt, and Why.

Endless Agony was recorded at Masterpiece Recording Art Studio by Avi Zadkani and Uri Jeffrey.

Carrying the albums name, The Endless Agony song was the first song that was released with a killing video by RG Photography – Ron Gabizon and the talented director Lee Lavy, featuring the amazing actress Vera Rozova and the brilliant guest singer Betty Pablo.

The second video took a lot of work and was kept in the dark for a long time until it was released as Deported –  with our new lead singer, Atalya Emily Shourki.

The Endless Agony album is a hit album and it is available on our Shop (It’s on sale right now, you should really check it out).



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