Leon Vasserman

Lead Guitar

Date of birth: 22.05.1990


Leon was born into a family of artists:
His father is a musician, graduated from a conservatory majoring in choir conducting.
His mother graduated from the University of Arts and Culture majoring in directing.
Leon started studying at a music school majoring in classical piano at the age of 6 and finished school at the age of 13.
At the age of 10 he started to connect with the world of rock bands (Alternative metal, Pop-punk).
At the age of 15 Leon decided to learn to play the electric guitar.
He was accepted into the high school band and formed with friends from school 2 bands that were active until they were drafted into the army in 2009:
All Fools Day (pop-punk)
Salvation (metal cover band)

During his military service, Leon strengthened his thoughts about his music future and decided to enroll to sound engineer studies after his discharge from the army in 2012.
There he met Avi Zadkani and Uri Jeffrey with whom he formed a friendship as metal lovers.
In 2016, Avi Zadkani approached Leon and asked if he would like to join a serious project that has been resurrected and is returning to full activity.
This project was called Clapsodra.
Since then Leon has been an integral part of the band and contributes a lot to the melodic side in the arrangements he brings with him from the world of pop rock and alternative metal.

Photography by: David Uglava & Lior Sinay

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