Clapsodra @ PsychoWard Fest Vol.7thOCT

On January 27 @ 12:30 pm, GAGARIN Tel Aviv

After such a year, you must urgently enter the psychiatric ward.
We are very proud to take part once again in the Psycho Ward metal festival, a must for every hardcore metalhead. The closed ward includes the craziest metal bands and will give you some space to contain and drain all the madness you have accumulated in your system.
Bring all your craziness, we’ll surely bring ours🤘🏽


מבצעים מיוחדים לבאי הפסטיבל בלבד בדוכן המרצ’ של קלפסודרה – כל המרצ’ שבחנות במחירי פסטיבל מוזלים!


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